Use WebDAV to create a simple document portal

Posted: November 1st, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: File server, Security | Comments Off on Use WebDAV to create a simple document portal

It is my experience that email is frequently used (or rather abused) to exchange documents of business sensitive nature.

As all should know email is an insecure way of communicating, and unless documents are fully encrypted, it should not be used to exchange/share documents of any sensitive nature.

A much sensible alternative is to build and to use a secure document exchange portal to facilitate exchange of files between business partners. Such portal can be created with commercial software packages. However, I recommend that you take a serious look at WebDAV protocol. WebDAV can be utilized to build a simple but secure and highly usable file portal, and if you create it with Apache and mod_dav open-source packages, such portal will also be very inexpensive. Read the rest of this entry »